2011-2012 RPG Crowdsourcing Raw Data

Here is the raw data that helped create the RPG Crowdsourcing Report.  It comes in two formats, either ods or xls format.

2011-2012 RPG Crowdsourcing Report Part 1
(PDF, 114k)

The first part of this report covers the broader numbers of a survey of 150 RPG related crowdfunding projects that occurred over a one year period. 

2011-2012 RPG Crowdsourcing Report Part 2 (PDF, 129k)

Part two looks more closely at how backers performed at different funding levels, along with how creators shaped their campaigns with specific reward offerings.

2011-2012 RPG Crowdsourcing Report Part 3 (PDF, 121k)

Part three wraps up the report, looking at general observations that were noted through the survey.
This sheet helps a player plan out a character for Pathfinder Society Organized Play.  The sheet organizes the character into twelve levels, along with providing guidance on 20 point-buy ability score purchasing, how many mods it requires for each level, and space to record the two traits the character gains at the beginning.

Mundane Mounts and Work Animals  (PDF, 181k)

There are quite a few animals that can be had for almost nothing compared to the outlays that adventurer's have to deal with in terms of magic items.  Here is a compilation of the standard mounts, beasts of burden and dogs that can be invaluable to a party out in the wilderness.  The details of each animal are complete on a single page, along with all of the handle animal DC, encumbrance, and daily speed values.  Just print out a sheet, name your loyal pet and be off!

Good, Cheap and Essential Item Checklist  (PDF, 62k)

This is a one sheet check list inspired by the Good & Cheap articles.  Just print it out and then check off which packages you want to purchase.  No excuses now not to have weird, bizarre and lightweight items to solve those tricky situations.

Arrow Packs (PDF, 108k)

Do you play an archer character in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game?  If so then this single sheet will not only make life easier for you, but also more potent.  Keep track of the numerous types of arrows you can use with a bow with ease, and ensure that you have the right kind of arrow for the job on your adventures.  All of the arrows on the sheet are Pathfinder Society legal.

The Handy Haversack Pack (PDF, 108k)

Are you starting off as a higher level character?  You've got piles and piles of gold to buy items.  You know that while the bulk of it will go to expensive magic items, you really ought to get the basic mundane items.  Still, what a tedious process to go through all those lists and write down all of those details yet again.  This single sheet is for you!  Just print this out and cross off 3185 gold pieces from your pile and you'll have a Handy Haversack with 100 pounds of gear and supplies ready to go.  Filled with all the core items one needs for adventures, along with plenty of essential consumables, plus a few emergency items.  There is even 20 pounds left open for you to still have room to store other items you buy or find.  One stop shopping to get your new character right in the game!

Discount Adventuring Kits (PDF, 108k)

In Paizo's Pathfinder Field Guide book they provide several adventuring kit packages that a player can purchase for a slightly discounted price.  This one sheet sums them all up so that you can just print out the sheet, check out which kits you've purchased, and not have to write everything down on your character sheets.  All of this is legal for Pathfinder Society Organized Play.