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Zero to Hero: A Journey Towards Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a wonderful tool that allows an amateur to jump into the marketplace and begin creating through crowdfunding, drawing upon a crowd backers that contribute relatively small amounts of money to raise the funding needed to pull off the project.  In many ways it is like what people used to do at a barn raising

However, funding is not enough.  To pull off an effective project requires a lot of information and knowledge.  Crowdsourcing the wisdom of the crowd is also an important step for an amateur to quickly advance their capabilities to pull off a project.

This article gathers together several threads that I created over at, focusing on specific topics that I wanted answered, clarified, or simply to share what I already knew.
Hopefully these really basic questions, and the answers that follow will help others as they explore using crowdfunding to create their own projects.

- Neil Carr