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2011-2012 Crowdfunding Survey Raw Data

Below is a download to the raw data that was used to generate parts one, two and three of the RPG Crowdfunding Report for 2011-2012. 

Download: ods format, xls format

A couple of notes:
  • What is up with all of the colors?  The backing data extends far off the screen as there are many different funding levels within the survey.  To avoid entering data into the wrong rows different colors, chosen purely on whim, were added to the rows to make it easier to follow along.  For myself, this looks fine, even rather pretty and was one of the few outlets to retain my sanity as I grinded through the survey set.  I can easily imagine someone out there having a different assessment of those colors.  If so then just edit them out.
  • I have licensed this data as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License specifically because I want others to slice, dice and squeeze whatever wisdom they can out of the information, and then share it with the roleplaying game community.  By all means, add to the data and discern new insights from what it yields and then pass it along to others.
  • This entire endeavor emerged from my own position as an amateur and budding publisher within the roleplaying game community.  This information is valuable to anyone who is interested in publishing, but I really want the barrier to entry to be as low as possible.  Every gamemaster who has spent years, or even decades, dreaming up situations for players and improvising rulings along the way has been designing this entire time.  Everyone should be considering the imaginative output they have done within this hobby and finding a way of sharing that with the community.  Crowdfunding projects are an exciting new way of expressing compelling ideas to the world.  Not every idea is necessarily compelling, and the market is going to be the new gatekeeper, but there is an enormous dam of creativity that is ready to be unleashed.  Help it along if you can.
The data was gathered with Libreoffice Calc and so is native in ods format.  It has also been saved in excel format, however it has not been viewed or tested in that format so there is no guarantee that the translation is clean.